Here are our Frequently Asked Questions about Omaha Kids Can Run. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have.

What if my child doesn’t like sports?

That’s OK! Your child doesn’t have to enjoy sports to benefit from our program. In fact, we’ve had children participate that really disliked sports and running–and they successfully finished our program. We DO ask that they show up with a good attitude, and a willingness to learn and participate to the best of their ability that day. Even if they finish the program without developing a love for running, they will still benefit from the empowerment principles we teach!

My child is already in a sport, why would I sign them up for a run club?

The awesome thing about Omaha Kids Can Run is that we offer an awesome supplement to ANY activity your kiddo is currently participating in. Of course, the running games we play help provide your child with extra exercise and conditioning that will give them endurance on the basketball court, soccer field, baseball field, wrestling mat, swimming pool, tennis court…and the list goes on and on! Additionally, our curriculum can help develop your child’s Growth Mindset, which will benefit him or her in any sport or life activity they enjoy.

If you would like us to partner with your child’s sports program to offer additional training, please reach out to us!

If my child only does one day per week, will they still benefit from the program?

Of course! We alternate our empowerment principles and running skills lessons for each session. This way, if they only attend one day per week, they benefit from the growth mindset AND running aspects of our program.

Is your question unanswered? Email me at omahakidscanrun<at>gmail.com and I’ll be happy to help!