How it Works

Community Partnerships.

We develop community partnerships with schools, community centers, parks and recreation centers, and local sports clubs.

Practice Information:

We offer 6-week or 8-week sessions that meet 1-2 times per week for one hour each. During each of these sessions, we pair up an empowerment principal along with a running skill. The DashStrom curriculum uses adapted running drills to teach these skills.

Our practices are divided into three main areas: warm-up and discussion, drill of the day, and end of the class game. We want children to leave practice both sweaty and smiling.

Our Goals for the Program.

omaha kids can run medal

At Omaha Kids Can Run, children will receive a t-shirt for participating. Our curriculum is built on your child EARNING his or her end of season medal. We do not believe in the participation trophy culture.

Each season a new goal is set, and children feel part of a team as they work towards reaching that goal. We will always give plenty of second chances, but we will not give a medal to avoid tears.

Instead, we teach children how to handle disappointment and use it as fuel to achieve what is really important to them. When they finally do earn that medal, it will be worth more than gold.


omaha kids can run racing

We participate in local, off-site public races and encourage all students and their families to register and participate as often as possible. Please check with your local coach if there are any events planned in your area.